Phoenix Gate Rattery's Application & Afterward Guide

In an effort to better help those individuals and families that are interested in adopting from us, we have put together a guide in preparation for filling out our adoption application and the process of getting ready to take home your new babies. The products recommended are by no means are they the only items and products you have to get however the not recommended ones are not suggested for use at all as they are either not safe, not health or not in the rat's best interest and will not be accepted on an application for adoption pre-approval.

Going Through the Adoption Application
The application is meant as a tool for me to better get to know new potential homes my babies will be going to and for you to know if your ready to adopt and take on the responsibility of having pet rats. I ask that people be as specific as possible here to better help them become better rat parents and provide the best optimal rat-specific care as possible.

Your Information Section
Please note that I am no longer adopting to families with young children (6 and under). There are many reasons for this but the happiness, well-being and safety of all the rats I produce and place is of the most importance. Since this seems to get missed often or questioned whether or not I would stick to this policy I wanted to reiterate that here. See the next section for more specifics on having rats and kids under one roof.
Rats and Children
Having pet rats and learning about their care and responsibility is awesome for families with children. However, rats are not always the best option for every interested family and considerations need to be made and adapted when considering rats as family pets. Here are some things to consider when deciding to adopt rats as your family pet:
Your Preferences Section
This section lets me know what you might be interested on a phenotypic (physical looks) level. However those who are wanting specific looks including wanting only females, non-white color and no red eyes must be willing to wait for them as I do not breed to fill pet orders. I also encourage those who do not currently have other rats in their household consider the pros/cons of having males vs females and to be sure to get the right facts first before firmly settling on only one sex. In choosing females only you will most likely be on the wait list for longer since this is the sex most commonly asked for.
Basic Care Section
This seems to be the section that most often gets left blank or that needs the most review. Here is a recommendation guide for the care products and items suggested to be obtained prior to bringing home any rat(s). Recommended is the top picks and what I would recommend, suggested items are those that are suitable possibly but not necessarily the best for one reason or anther and not recommended is not to be used. If you have any questions about whether the cage or item you've bought or plan to use is suitable, this is the section to ask about it.

Your Current Rats Section
This section is for those who currently have rats at their residence and plan on housing the new rats at the same location. Questions here involve how to do quarantine and introductions.

The Adoption Day Pickup & After
Important notes about the pickup and days following the adoption are as such. These are meant to help the transition period for the babies in your home, help the bonding process and help keep your rats happy and healthy so that you may have them for as long as possible.