Phoenix Gate Rattery Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting from us! The following is the application for adoption. Questions on the application are used to determine adoption suitability for placement of a Px rat(s) into a new home. It is also a good way for future and potential adopters to get an idea of what kind of care will be expected and what information they will need when becoming new owners. This information is used in determining suitability purposes only and is kept strictly confidential. Adopters must fill out and submit this application to Phoenix Gate Rattery to be considered for adoption placement. If you choose not submit an application at all, you will not be considered for any adoption with us. Once your application is approved, you will be placed on the general wait list. Keep watching the site for updates on upcoming litters as any new developments will be listed on the site (you will not receive individual emails for this). Once the litters are born and the sexes/varieties determined, we will fill reservations in the order of adoption application approval with the earlier dates filled first. You will receive an email when you have been selected for adoption of that litter about specific baby reservations and pick up of your babies.

Instructions for Filling out and Submitting Your Application: Simply copy and paste the following questions along with your responses into an email - send it to us at If you have any problems, additional questions or any concerns about your application, let us know. Please be as truthful and complete as possible so we can best match up your adoption requests with the best possible rat(s) for you and your family.

Your Information
  • Name:
  • Email:
  • Are you over 18 years of Age (Yes or No)?
*** If under 18, you MUST have your parent/guardian contact us as well before you wil even be considered for adoption***
  • Do you have permission to keep pet rats at your residence (Yes or No)?
  • Are there children (individuals age 12 & under) in your household (Yes or No)?
  If yes, please list their ages:
  • What other animals do you own?
  • Have you ever owned rats?
  If yes, for how many years:

Your Preferences
  • How many rats are you planning to adopt?
  • Are you seeking males or females?
  • Do you have any preferences (color,/variety.)?
  • Please indicate any varieties or sexes that you are absolutely not willing to adopt (such as red eyes, a soild white color, males, non-dumbos, etc):
*** Note that your preferences are ideal picks and these may or may not be possible based on your place on the wait list or the nature of the litter itself ***

Basic Care Questions
  • Please describe the method and transport cage you plan on using to transporting your new rats in:
  • What cage will you be housing them in (ie, What is the manufacturer/model of the cage you plan on using to house your rats in):
  • What are the cage's dimensions:   __________ Height x __________Width x __________ Length
  • What kind of bedding will you use?
  • What will you feed your rats? (You must list the brand & formula of food plus anything else planned, please be as specific as possible)
  • Do you plan on breeding?
  • Do you have a veterinarian that treats rats/mice? Please list the name of the vet and all relevant contact information:
*** Please note that you must have an appropriate vet listed here prior to approval & placement ***

Your Current  Rats  (For those who already own rats at the time of this application)
  • Please list your current rats (include age and sex):
  • Will you quarantine your new px rats from your current rats?
If yes, please describe your quarantine plan and set-up:
  • Do you plan on introducing your new rats to live with your current rats?
If yes, please describe how you will be doing introductions:

Is there anything else you would like me to know regarding adopting a Phoenix Gate Rat?