Current Litters

Phoenix Gate Rattery maintains a wait list for all planned litters, we will not have babies or adults available for adoption at all times and generally there is a wait period for adopting from us due to the high demand. I encourage those who are wanting to adopt but do not wait to consider the GA Rat Rescue as a viable, local and highly recommended pet rat adoption resource - Visit Their Website for who is available to adopt right now.

This page was last updated: November 23, 2016
Px Justus x Px Siggy
(Russian blue self dumbo x Agouti berk d/c)
A mix of Black, Agouti, Russian Blues and Russian Blue Agoutis in about half dumbo half top ear and in a mix of markings from selfs, berks, varigated, blazed and headspotted.
Litter of 14 born 10-13-2016, Taking Adoption Requests
Litter page up, see baby pics!!!
Px Justus x Px Justina
(Russian blue self dumbo x Russian blue self dumbo)
Two healthy russian blue self dumbo babies born, waiting on sexes.
Litter of 2 surviving born 10-14-2016, will likely be keeping both babies
Litter page up, see baby pics!!!