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How to Adopt From Us               Our Policy
Adoption Policies
Please review and read each point carefully. If you do not agree or are not willing to follow these policies, do not contact us about adopting. As of Oct 2012 we will be making some changes in our adoption policies and how we do our adoption process.
  • We are located in Norcross (Atlanta), Georgia. We no longer transport rats outside of our area and do not deliver or ship.
  • Our focus is on our lines and we breed predominately the following varieties: Russian blue, black, black eyed siamese and in both top ear and dumbo. While not our focus, we may get related colors such as standard siamese, creams and albino in our litters. We do not work in Agouti or Agouti based colors. We do not breed hairless, manx (tailless) or dwarf and have no plans to do so any time in the future.  Please only apply to us if you are interested in what we produce.
  • We only adopt babies in same-sex pairs, and prefer to adopt in same-sex trios. Rats are $20 each, regardless of type, color, or show quality.
  • All babies are handled and socialized from very early on till the day they go to their new homes. Attention to line temperament and personality help maintain consistent, predictable litters that make high quality pets. All rats are sold on NON BREEDING CONTRACTS only unless a specific breeding contract or breeding rights have been expressly given in witting by us.
  • We no longer adopt to children under the age of 18 as they cannot legally enter into an adoption contract with us. Parent(s) will be be the legal primary adopter and caretaker. We no longer adopt ot into families with children 6.
  • We generally do not keep a per-litter waiting list (unless you specifically ask for a certain litter) and we will consider your application for the general waiting list. You must receive the response from us "you're approved" before you can placed on any wait list. If have not received this, then there is something in your application that needs further discussion. We review inquiries and applications within three (3) days of receiving them.
  • Once you have been approved, it is up to you to keep updated on the available litters on our website. We will post any new or confirmed information and dates on the site as soon as they develop. Please do not request individual babies be reserved for your before the reservation date.
  • At 3-5 weeks after a litter is born and the sex and variety of the litter is confirmed. Those that are eligible for adoption will receive an email and your choices for babies may be sent in at that time. We will reserve them based on when you joined our waiting list- Reservations are filled on a first come, first serve basis. If it occurs that the entire litter or the babies you requested/reserved are no longer available we will automatically move you to the next available litter we have available or planned unless otherwise instructed.
  • We generally use set themes for our litters and follow naming conventions for the line and/or litter theme. These names are usually appointed prior to reservation placements and are the baby's REGISTERED name. The baby may have a different pet name and both names will be recorded. All litters are registered with NARR with their registered names for the tracking of health and genetic information on breeding lines.

Adoption Application - Helpful Tips
  • Please do your research ahead of contacting us and filling out your application. You will be asked basic care questions and what you plan on providing your new pets. Be ready to provide adequate and proper information regarding this or your application will be delayed further.
  • We feed all Px rats and raise our litters on the Harlan Teklad lab block and highly recommend that this block be continued once the rats are in their new homes. Please be sure to source where to purchase this block. There are many online wholesale and supplier sites that offer the Harlan/Native Earth:,, Amazon, Ebay, as well as several rat rescues. The Harlan 2018/Native Earth 4018 block can be purchased in smaller quantities through us as well.
  • Cages must be appropriately designed, adequately sized and of the right bar spacing to be able to safely and properly house babies all the way through adulthood. Remember that each rat needs a minimum of 2 cubic feet per rat as well as bar spacing not to exceed 1/2" any one direction. Do some shopping around and be sure to check second hand marketplaces like Craig's List or your local sales ads for good/free deals. Generally, we recommend the following cages: The Midwest Critter Nation 161/162; Martin's powder coated models R-680. R-685, R-695, R-699; The SuperPet My First Home Exotics Lg cage.
  • Here at Px we use a system of towels/fabric/fleece to line the cage pans and levels to help eliminate dust that can irritate respiratory systems from the rat's environment and while not required, we recommend the same for our adopters.

Adoption Day - Picking Up Your Rats
  • Rats are become available for pickup the weekend after they turn 6 weeks of age. We will not send rats home earlier than 5 weeks or later than 7 weeks. The earliest date of pickup will be posted on the Current Litters page and/or under the individual litter's page.  We will hold the rats for up to 1 additional week past the scheduled adoption day pickups only if arrangements have been made ahead for this.
  • At the time of adoption, a legal Adoption Contract (Breedable or Pet-Only) must be signed. No one will be sold a rat who has not signed a contract. If at any time you are found to break the terms of the contract for this or any other Px rat you own, we reserve the right to reclaim all Px rats in your possession.
  • We only adopt to persons 18 years of age and older. If you are under 18, your parent(s) must read and agree to our policies & adoption contract and abide by all requirements described in them. Households with children under 10 years of age should expect to be questioned about the children's interactions as rats can be fragile and may not be the best pets for small children.
  • We reserve the right to deny any person for any reason, even at time of pick-up, should we believe the placement is inappropriate.
  • If we do not hear from you on adoption day and you are a no show, your reservation is automatically canceled for that litter. We must then hear from you within one (1) week to keep your name on the wait list for any of our future litters/babies.
  • Please bring an appropriate carrier to take your babies home in. If you come without one or with an unsuitable carrier , you will be asked to purchase one from us at the time of adoption pickups.
  • You must request ahead of time to recieve pedigree information/copies, NARR registration information/numbers, a copy of the adoption contract to be picked up at the adoption pickups.

Now That They're Home
  • If you currently already own rats, other rodents, hamsters, guinea pigs, and/or rabbits, we request that you quarantine your new arrivals from your these other pets for a minimum of three (3) weeks and recommend a period of five (5) weeks.
  • We request updates on your new family members for the first few months once they are brought home. We NEED updates on our rats once they are in their new homes! Without your updates we cannot fully track the health, temperament and longevity of our lines and cannot help you if any problems arise.
  • We offer the assistance with questions on care or veterinarian referrals for the lifetime of the rat(s).
  • If any of your information changes, such as you move, change phone numbers, email addresses, etc., you must let us know so we can update your adoption contract with us and can continue to have a means of contacting you.
  • If you must give up your rats in the future, or can no longer care for them, whatever the reason is, they must be returned to us or we will assist you in placing them. We must approve of any other home before the rats are placed with any other person.

  • Breeders will be asked to fill out an adoption application just like pet adopters and you need to receive a response from me that says you are approved or you will not be adopting.
  • We only consider placing rats on breeding contracts to those who we have built up a rapport with and have established a relationship with for a minimum of six (6) months to a year. Do not email us and expect to automatically be able to receive our stock but be open to discussion and getting to know you so that this might be possible in the future. We take on breeding mentorships if our schedule and time permits.
  • I am very selective about awarding breeding contracts and rights. I must know you and trust you first. Its unfortunate that this is the case but I have tried several times throughout the years to give new breeders a chance but I been meet with constant disappointment and have been very burned in the past.
  • You must let us know at the initial email that you are planning on breeding or thinking about it (either now or in the future). Waiting until reservation time or pick-up time to say you plan to breed will guarantee a failed adoption.
  • We reserve the right to revoke breeding rights at any time at our discretion. Revoking breeding rights will include but is not limited to changing the rat's status in NARR from breeder to pet status.
  • Breeding contracts are non-transferable and may not be 'shared' with other breeders or owners.